Rolling hills caressed by the sun. Little antique villages made of stone. Mosaics in multi-shades of green filled with vegetable gardens and farms. Itís the magical landscape of Tuscany where Prince Lorenzo Borghese found his inspiration to enhance the Royal Treatment PET SPA Line made in Italy. The exclusive formulas, studied by a highly specialized Italian laboratory, combine time-tested ancient traditions with the most advanced technological research to satisfy the needs of our four legged friends. Born from this unique combination are special products, created with all natural and carefully selected high quality, vegetable based, and OGM free ingredients. These products are ideal for any breed and type of fur. Completely free of petroleum or its derivatives, they leave the coat and skin free to breathe and absorb the active principles to obtain their maximum benefits. They are formulated to respect the natural pH and balance of the skin and coat and do not contain harsh detergents such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) or its derivatives.

5 oz

6.7 oz

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