Everyday Biscuits


Every good dog deserves a treat! Choose one treat or all the treats from this assortment of our every day bakery items to spoil man's best friend.  This package includes six peanut butter flavored donuts fully dipped in assorted yogurt colors, a bag of 4 cinnamon carob flavored oreos with white yogurt, a 12 ounce bag of peanut butter and cinnamon carob flavored small bones, an 8 pack of barbeque beef flavored large bones basted in barbeque sauce, a package made up of two peanut butter flavored fire hydrants fully dipped in red and white yogurt with two peanut butter dogs with a yogurt collar, and last but not least, the scarf box - a package filled with 24 small yogurt dipped bones with sprinkles and a bone print scarf.

please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Donut Pack
Oreo Cookie Bag
12 oz. Mixed Dog Treats
Dog with Fire Hydrant
Scarf Box with Everyday
Royal Treatment Everyday Biscuit Package