Dear Lorenzo:

My two Shetland Sheepdogs have dense double coats which, surprisingly, don't need shampooing as often as one might think. Their coats have a texture where dirt literally falls off (usually in the back of my Explorer) by the time we return from a romp in the woods.

I recently bought your camomile shampoo and was delighted with the results. Typically a little dry and somewhat frizzy after a shampoo, your shampoo absolutely enhanced my dogs' coats transforming Jasper and Elly back into huggable furballs for the holidays. The fragrance is not overpowering and I know, after 21 years of grooming my Shelties, to use soap sparingly, and your Royal Treatment works quite well that way. The real test was a rainy day and, of course, your shampoo had cleaned their coats so effectively that beads of water simply rolled off their backs.

I am extremely pleased with your product and will always recommend the Royal Treatment to my friends. People think I spend a lot of time grooming Jasper and Elly, which is simply not the case. But when I do, they will certainly get the Royal Treatment. Because they deserve it.

Thank you,
Rutherford, NJ


To all of you beautiful people,

I had to write and thank you so very very much for these INCREDIBLE products. Wow!! I realize Prince Lorenzo may not be reading this, but I wanted to let him and all of you know how grateful I am for each and everyone of you at Royal Treatment who love our four-legged friends so much that you have developed this line of amazing products!!

From the bottom of my heart, and Lotus (my Lhasa Apso), we thank you! Bless you and may your lives be filled with goodness and light!

Much gratitude,
Lynne & Lotus



First off, I really hope this email gets to you.

I want to sincerely thank you for the products you offer. I have purchased quite a few from HSN for my dog, Daisey. Shampoos, conditioner sprays, aloe wipes, etc. Every year, the poor thing deals with major skin issues on her belly and back....scabby, red, bumpy and itchy. I've taken her to so many vets and have gotten told so many allergies, allergies in general, eczema, etc. And they still don't know the underlying reason. She's on prescription strength Benadryl which helps, to a point, but she still suffers. While your products don't cure her skin condition, they do soften her skin & coat. It is rather soon as I get the tub ready, she hides in the other bathroom, curled in a ball as if to hide from me. I have to carry her to the tub, which isn't easy because she's quite heavy and I'm quite petite. But once she's in it, you can tell she enjoys it. I know that your products do help her find some relief, and I especially like how she smells like a vanilla cookie when we get done.

Kudos to whoever posted the main dog photo when you first go into the website....Basset Hounds are my FAVORITE dog breed. Daisey is my second one, and is my faithful companion. I've attached her photo.

So keep up the good work and all you do for the animals that keep us company, lift us up when we're down, cuddle with us and love us unconditionally.



To Whom It May Concern:

…..through my awakened dream state, I sift through the channels and stop on the
greatest of all dog shampoos!

I have been using up the last shipment of Currant - (I stocked up awhile ago). I love the new packaging and am excited to try the Banana and my favorite scent of Lavender. You will see how Jack shines - just take a look at my pictures he is featured 3 times!!! He is my
baby and only deserves the BEST!

Thank you, for developing such a wonderful line. I feel safe and comfortable using these ingredients on Jack. He actually swaggers right to the tub when I say, "Wanna Bath?" and, when I have been a little lax about giving him one, he will literally scratch on the tub when he thinks its time!!!!

Best Wishes,



I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU!" for creating such a fabulous product!!! My cat had the most calloused feet until I purchased this product and now they are soft and supple. I was afraid that with the product smelling so good, he might try to lick his paws, but he doesn't. I'm just amazed at this product and I thank you for creating it.

Jackson, Mississippi


The Royal Treatment line of pet products is top notch, effective, soothing, and DELICIOUS! As a big fan of the Borghese family's products for humans, I was thrilled when Prince Lorenzo created The Royal Treatment for pets! He has brought his family's long history of quality and the use of exotic, natural essences and soothing botanicals to his venture into the pet arena -- and it works! The products are non-irritating, soothing, make the coat shine, and make the animal smell good enough to eat! (It is an aroma-therapy treat for the person bathing the animal as well!) Bacini and I are the Royal Treatment's biggest fans -- thank you, Lorenzo!

- Valerie K. Angeli
Pet Care and Animal Welfare Expert as seen often in the NY Media and Momma of Bacini (Rescued Dalmatian Mix


Good morning!!! My name is Judy, a few months ago I purchased 1 of your Papaya & Aloe kits. I have an english Bully with problem skin. I've had Ozzy on steroids, used medical wipes which Ozzy hated, spent a lot of money to try to make him comfortable. After 1 month of using the kit, I went back & purchased 2 of the 2 pack of Papaya and Aloe wipes. Last evening my husband & I had to bring Ozzy to the Vet for his shot update & I suspected his rash was starting up again... it turns out he simply scraped himself , my Vet was amazed @ how great his skin , in between his toes, ears & everywhere else looked , she said "Judy & Mitch I don't know what you're doing with Ozzy but keep it up. We all laughed and then I took out my bag with some of the RT products. I showed Doc Reisel the ingredients and she said, “they are all natural & doing a fine job, DON'T STOP USING THEM.”

Thanks the bottom of our heart for your products,
Judy & Mitch & Ozzy
Kenilworth, NJ


Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to you to ask if you could please tell me where I can purchase you Royal Treatment Green Tea Shampoo in the United Kingdom. I was lucky enough to purchase this shampoo and am so pleased with it, but I am unable now to obtain any further supplies from the place I purchased it from. I have 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that I show very successfully. I used this shampoo on my Black and Tan Cavaliers and it was unbelievable the shine on their coats!!!! Everyone commented on how lovely the coats were and this was thanks to your shampoo. I also won best of breed that day too!!! I am now coming very close to the end of the bottle and I am urgently needing more but I’m not having much luck. So could you please try and tell me where I could purchase more of your fantastic shampoo.

Many, many Thanks,
Paula and Cavaliers


Purchased the above shampoo and absolutely love it!!! I have a two year old golden retriever with skin allergies and this is the best shampooI have ever used. Do you make a spray mist in the chamomille line? I haven't been able to find one. Just for the record, I have had other dogs (all labs) and it seems as if retrievers are very hard to lather due to the oil in their coats. Other shampoos (and I used only shampoos from the vet) take a great deal of shampoo to clean the dog. This shampoo lathers extremely well and you only have to use a small amount. I can tell it is from the same company that makes all the bath and body products that I use and love. I would love to get a chamomille spray mist to use on my Shadow.